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Tips to be followed for recovery from plastic surgery

It is the responsibility of the patient to prepare himself before they undergo surgery. It plays a very vital role as it would prevent severe pain as well as any kind of complicated risk factor. Though the complications are unpredictable by following pre and post recommended steps you could prevents risk to a certain extent.

  • You should stop taking aspirin and NSIDs two weeks before the surgery as these drugs would reduce the platelet function in your blood. This would prevent the blood to clot which is very important after a surgery.
  • Before going for a surgery, you need to make sure to take a bath which would remove the germs on your skin to a larger extent and reduce the risk of an infection.
  • It’s always recommended not to eat or drink anything 8-12hrs before surgery as it might be dangerous for you. People might vomit during surgery and it might lead to aspiration pneumonia.
  • Avoid medication which you got it from a health store. It’s always better to follow the prescription which your doctor has advised and make sure to mention the medicines which you have been taking before going for a surgery.
  • You need to make sure to stop all kids’ of illicit drugs as we never know the composition of these drugs and they might interfere with the anesthetic drugs which might be dangerous to your life.
  • Make sure to stop smoking and drinking. Nicotine present in tobacco products would make the blood vessel thinner and in most of the plastic procedures, there would be reduced blood flow to the skin. When both these cases have been combined it might leave you with a serious scar or skin loss which would be 10-fold severe.
  • It’s always better to have a gallon of water a day before the surgery. It will help to stabilize your blood pressure and would be easy to give IV.
  • As the first 24 hours after a surgery would always be critical, it is important for you to arrange someone who can be with you at that time. It would help you to get around in the home. They would assist you and help you with any kind of emergencies which might occur anytime after the surgery. If you don’t have anyone you can even opt for a home nursing care.
  • As most of the physicians would provide you with written instructions which you have to follow before and after the surgery, you need to make sure to go through all the points. See that you understand all the points and if you have any doubt you could actually call the doctor and get cleared. They would definitely help you to understand.
  • It is very important to follow the before and after surgery instructions given by your physician or the surgeon.

By following the instructions as provided by the physician you can be on the safer side. Though the risks are never predictable you could reduce the probability up to an extent with these steps.