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Why drug overdose is bad for health?

A medicine which can cure diseases when taken in an appropriate and recommended dose could even be poisonous to your body if an overdose has been taken. Substances like alcohol, over- the counter medications, prescriptions, herbal remedies or illegal drugs could be harmful to you when taken too much. Whenever there is an emergency due to overdose an immediate medical attention is a must.

You can call the doctor whenever you suspect or feel there is an overdose of medicine. Depending upon the age of a person, the health condition, the way of consumption of substance and several other factors, the tolerance levels may vary from person to person. Though the body might heel with or without a treatment it would really be a serious risk which might even lead to death. Sometimes it might be a slow process with permanent damage to your organs and sometimes immediate. There are long-term as well as short-term treatments depending on your case.

Symptoms of overdose:

In case of medical overdose, different persons might face varying symptoms but common symptoms and signs would be nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of balance, abdominal cramps, seizures, dizziness, confusion, deep snoring, visual disturbances, turning blue, coma, internal bleeding etc.

Reasons for the overdose may be:

It might be due to an

Accidental induce: when a person takes the wrong drug in the wrong dose or at the wrong time without knowing its side effects.

Intentional misuse: when a person takes high dose of drug intentionally to harm self.

An Overdose of paracetamol: Paracetamol is the most common drug which is widely used for its painkiller and fever-reducing activities. It is even taken in overdose by people who wish to harm themselves. Over dosage of paracetamol might cause damage to the liver.

First aid for drug overdose:

Whenever you notice that your beloved one or friend has taken an overdose make sure to:

  • Be calm
  • Call to the ambulance.
  • Check to breathe and if they are unable to breath, tilt them to their side so that they can breathe well.
  • See that the person doesn’t vomit.
  • Never give them anything to drink or eat.
  • Get the tablets which have been used by the patient to the hospital.
  • Though the person seems to be ok you need to call the poison information centre and know how you need to handle the person.

Prevention of drug dose:

Follow the below mention steps to avoid overdosage.

  • Make sure that you always read the prescription and take medicine as directed by the physician.
  • Never take a drug without any prescription on your own.
  • Ensure to inform your doctor regarding your previous overdose if any.
  • Return the drugs to the pharmacist if you are no longer need them.
  • Always see that you place the drugs and other poisonous substances away from the reach of children.

Make sure not to take two or more different drugs at the same time as they might interact with each other and might cause serious health trouble.